Riyaz Room, A treasure box of Indian music, is an initiative by Anshul Aggarwal which focuses on unleashing the buried Indian Classical Music to the world.

To achieve this golden vision, we are documenting the parts of Indian classical music through researches, Music granths, interviewing the gems of Indian Music, and providing all authentic to the world. We are generating original context having every possible information about Indian classical music that ever existed.

We are hugely encouraged and followed by almost every senior Classical Musician of the country and more than 300 Bollywood celebrities, including Amit TrivediJaved AliJatin Pandit, Ali SethiFatima Sana SheikhShweta Basu Prasad, and many more.

Consistent Instagram interaction of AR Rahman Sir shows the interest of the legend in Riyaz Room and validates the hard work of the team.

We’re working day and night to spread the age-old Indian classical music heritage plus we have many more surprises coming up for the other art forms.